Just When I Thought I Knew What I Was Looking At… WOW. My Brain Just Exploded.

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Brooklyn artist Robin Antar has an amazing ability. She creates oversized replicas of common American items out of stone! Seriously, these things look exactly like the real deal, so much so that they’re truly good enough to eat. Currently being displayed only at the The Waterfall Gallery & Mansion in NYC, June 12 through August 31, 2014, we’re bringing them to you here, just so to give you a “taste” of her amazing talent 😉

“My passion for sculpting is expressed in my creation of the virtual records of contemporary culture,” Antar said in a press release. “I capture everyday objects in carved stone, using a technique I invented more than 20 years ago.”

Antar starts with a similar color of stone or simply dyes it herself. Due to being blind in one eye, she keeps the model close at hand instead of using a photo.

Robin then spends an insane number of hours working the stone (chiseling, carving…) to create her work.

The result? Amazing works of stone, looking twice the normal size.

Working since 9/11 in celebration of things truly American, she’s since branched out from popular food items…

And now also does clothing.

It’s truly mesmerizing!

(H/T: Mental Floss) Robin’s work is really spellbinding and is something I have to check out in person. If you feel the same, you’ll want to check out her exhibit at the Waterfall Gallery before the end of summer. But if you can’t make it, maybe you can at least spread word of her awesome work by sharing with others below.

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