Libs push for ‘marriage equality’ with foul hate; Call Laura Bush a ‘c*nt’!/DJLoopsFruit/status/304633606981177344

Laura Bush asks to be removed from pro-gay marriage ad – GOOD! DUMB BITCH STOOD BY WHILE HER HUSBAND TORTURED PEOPLE.

— Tracy Frank (@tfrnk) February 21, 2013

Ah, the tolerance! The always inane Joan Walsh weighed in, of course.

Laura Bush makes my point about her lack of political courage, asks to remove name from marriage equality ad:…

— Joan Walsh (@joanwalsh) February 21, 2013

According to Ms. Walsh, Bush and Cheney (also highlighted in the ad in support of same-sex marriage) aren’t brave, you see. Unlike President Obama and his oh-so-courageous ever-evolving stance, timed to coincide with campaign fundraising. Now that is a gutsy call!

CNN jumps in, too.

Laura Bush: Take me out of pro-gay marriage ad –

— CNN Political Ticker (@PoliticalTicker) February 21, 2013

Evil Laura Bush pulled out of an ad in support of gay marriage. Oh, the horror! Except that, you know, she was never asked for permission to be included in the ad.

@dancrippen1 @abc dude that ain’t gonna help anything….I’m gay and couldn’t care less that she wants outta the tv spot

— William Finnell (@finnell87) February 21, 2013

@dancrippen1 @abc she also said it was because she was nvr asked….maybe if she was asked for permission they woulda got it

— William Finnell (@finnell87) February 21, 2013

Funny how that works, huh?

More from ABC News:

The ad, created by a group called Respect for Marriage Coalition, includes a statement Bush made during an interview with CNN’s “Larry King Live” in 2010 in which she talked about her memoir, “Spoken from the Heart.”

When couples are committed to each other and love each other, then they ought to have the same sort of rights that everyone has,” she told King three years ago.

The former first lady’s office told the Dallas Morning News that Bush had not given her consent to be part of the ad, and had asked that she be removed from it.

Further, perhaps she doesn’t want to be associated with a group with whom she may not agree?

NOT ASSOCIATED WITH GROUP: Laura Bush Asks To Be Removed From Pro-Gay Marriage Ad: Did not approve it #tcot

— slone (@slone) February 21, 2013

But, truth and reality doesn’t stop hate-filled liberals. Another day, another excuse to show their true and misogynist colors.

So, @laurawbush, the bigoted cunt who murdered her boyfriend wants 2 b removed from an equality ad? No surprise there @politicsnation @msnbc

— Luigi Proud DemoCat! (@LuigiBleu) February 21, 2013

Laura Bush was only for equality because it condoned her marriage to a chimp.

— Janeal Eller (@SDzzz) February 21, 2013

Laura Bush has no personality or face worthy of an ad campaign anyways.

— Patrick Desso (@pdesso) February 21, 2013

Turns out Laura Bush is as shallow as her husband. The clue was the porcelain mask with the permanent Stepford wife smile.

— Leslie (@LancetChick) February 21, 2013

@pschlarm @laurawbush as usual, the submissive bitch that she is/ god forbid she have an opinion of her own that’s well known

— Ashanti’s Sideburns (@appelbomb) February 21, 2013

How embar it must be to be a subservient bitch like @laurawbush and have your ‘legacy’ follow immediately after that of Hillary Clinton’s

— Ashanti’s Sideburns (@appelbomb) February 21, 2013

#bitch RT [email protected]cbsnews: Laura Bush asks to be removed from pro-gay marriage ad

— Katherine Lee (@KaddlesD) February 21, 2013

Nasty bitch @laurawbush

— Some Gay Dude (@Pschlarm) February 21, 2013

I’m shocked she noticed herself on there. #valium “@cbsnews: Laura Bush asks to be removed from pro-gay marriage ad

— Bryen (@mr_bryen) February 21, 2013

Laura Bush: two-faced bitch.…

— Ross Harrison (@rossoh) February 21, 2013

@abc lol is this supposed to appeal to somebody? Fuck Laura Bush and fuck you ABC

— Dan Crippen (@DanCrippen1) February 21, 2013

She can go to hell. RT @shyone269: Laura Bush wants out of gay marriage ad via @usatoday

— Scotia Draven (@hexsphere) February 21, 2013

@thebrandonshire Laura Bush is a Xanax-addled, pie-eyed douchebag. Who gives a fuck what she says or wants? #RWNJs #p2 #p21

— Robert Crawford (@jurassicpork59) February 21, 2013

Laura Bush cowardly cunt, fuck off!

— louruiz (@writersblock) February 21, 2013

Civility! Nasty liberals need to take a look in their hate-filled mirrors.

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