Lifeguard Rescues A Screaming Boy Seconds Away From Drowning In A Dangerous Rip Current.

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When lifeguard Joby Wolfenden-Brown from the charity organisation RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) heard cries coming from out at sea, he jumped into action. The screams were in an area of very strong rip current, so he paddled out as fast as he could on his board to investigate. What he found was incredible. There was a little boy in the water, only seconds away from drowning. He quickly got the kid onto his board and took him back to shore where he could be attended to. You need to see this rescue for yourself:


(Source: RNLI) The RNLI organization wants people to know what to do if ever in a similar situation. If you’re stuck in a rip current, then do not panic or swim against the current. What you need to do is to hold onto your flotation device and raise your arm to signal for help. Remember that simple, and life-saving, tip. Also, share this incredible rescue video with your friends below.

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