Look Closely (Or Not So Close) At These 12 Photos. One Thing Is Not Like The Others… LOL.

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If there is one important lesson that Sesame Street taught me as a child, it’s that sometimes “One of These Things” is not like the other. As they so often warned me about in song. Using the wisdom of clairvoyance taught to me by Big Bird and pals, I’ve come to the conclusion that in these photos below, “one of these things is not like the other.” Just take a closer look (or not so close) and you’ll see what I mean.

1) “Day 17. One of the dogs has become suspicious of me.”

2) “Professor? I am a dog. May I be excused?”

3) IT’S A BOY! No seriously, one of these is totally a man.

4) I’ve heard people warn about not skipping leg day at the gym, but apparently this guy skipped every day, including the all important fake tan day.

5) Decisions were made, and someone somewhere is bleaching their clothes in milk.

6) The Ku Klux Klan Koalas?

7) Found it! That one dog has a red bow on its head. Man, that was a tricky one…right?

8) The league of shadows has taught Batman how to blend in well.

9) Waking up, Mr. Whiskers had no idea where he was after doing too much catnip the night before.

10) I don’t know about that professor. A large pepperoni pizza only feeds one in my family. Me. It feeds me.

11) “Umm…meow?”

12) House, you’re drunk. Go hom…wait.

Share these pictures with your friends below and see if they can spot the imposters in these photos.

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