‘Look Up The Word ‘NEUTERED”: Cher’s pretty pissed off at Congress

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Looks like Cher’s just about had it with the legislative branch:

If Congress Wont Come Back in2 session NOW, 2 Vote On War, Who Cares If They EVER Come Back. THEY CARE MORE ABOUT THEIR BS JOBS,THAN USA🇺🇸

— Cher (@cher) September 26, 2014

Look Up The Word “NEUTERED” In Dictionary & You’ll See Photo,Showing MANY in Congress! Apathetic, Paralytic, Inert, Impotent, Vegetative😳

— Cher (@cher) September 26, 2014

Fair enough. So … suggestions?

@cher Congress was a good idea 200 years ago. Abolish them and we ALL vote via the Internet.

— Clancy Malloy (@ClancyMalloy) September 26, 2014

Oh. Well, that’s definitely an idea. Now it’s just a matter of sending the right person to Washington to make that happen.

But who?

@cher I vote for Cher for Congress!

— Kim Bird (@kimbird1965) September 26, 2014

What could go wrong?

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