Looking for a new spring vacation read? Let #ObamaBookTitles suggest a few!


The great thing about a hashtag game on Twitter is that you never know in what direction it will head, though lately you can be sure that the right will pretty much take over and rule any politically-themed tag. Today, someone (and we’ve not yet identified who) started the #ObamaBookTitle hashtag and, well, hilarity ensued.

Some folks went with the tried and true method of altering titles of real books while others went completely on their own. Here are some of the best we saw, of each type!

"Sophist's Choice" #ObamaBookTitles

— Bob ن (@BobHicks_) April 15, 2012

#ObamaBookTitles "My Secrects To Getting Out Of Debt"

— Aaron Fritz (@Coach_Fritz) April 15, 2012

Finger Pointing For Fun And Profit #ObamaBookTitles

— 'Teahadist' h/[email protected] (@smitty_one_each) April 15, 2012

Audacitly Audacitic #ObamaBookTitles

— Gwendolyn (@scvbuckeye) April 15, 2012

"Honey, I Shrunk the Work Force!" #ObamaBookTitles

— Seth (@dcseth) April 15, 2012

"The 7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Presidents." #ObamaBookTitles

— ن Miké Ramoné ن (@ThePantau) April 15, 2012

"How to Succeed in Liberalism Without Really Trying" #ObamaBookTitles

— TresHall (@gingertreshall) April 15, 2012

#ObamaBookTitles: There's an Algae in My Gas Tank

— Mary Margaret (@marymhbamafan) April 15, 2012

#ObamaBookTitles "It's Bush's Fault", and the sequel: "It's Still Bush's Fault"

— Super Genius (@Crapplefratz) April 15, 2012

"Conversations With Holder" #ObamaBookTitles

— Gray (@TheGrayAviators) April 15, 2012

The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew And Barack Obama In: Where Did All Those Jobs Go? #ObamaBookTitles

— 'Teahadist' h/[email protected] (@smitty_one_each) April 15, 2012


#ObamaBookTitles "Dial M for Mandate"

— Watch Dog's Morsels (@DanMartin_cards) April 15, 2012

#ObamaBookTitles "What I've Really Done With Your Tax Money"

— Taylor Tullos (@double_t10) April 15, 2012

The Most Audacious Book Written in Five Hundred Years #ObamaBookTitles

— Stevie J. West (@StevieJWest) April 15, 2012

#ObamaBookTitles "Great Expectations Unrealized"

— Kat Starnes (@KatStarnes) April 15, 2012

#ObamaBookTitles To Kill a Mockingbird, and How I Would Have Dealt With the Whole Situation

— Tom Allen (@Guitartom47) April 15, 2012

"Obama and Man at Yale" #ObamaBookTitles

— Jonah Goldberg (@JonahNRO) April 16, 2012

Cents and Insensibility #ObamaBookTitles

— Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) April 16, 2012

Pride and Everyone Else is just Prejudiced!!!!1111 #ObamaBookTitles

— Lori Ziganto (@snarkandboobs) April 16, 2012

The Hunger Games: Food Stamp Edition #ObamaBookTitles

— Jason B. Whitman (@JasonBWhitman) April 16, 2012

Trader, Traitor, Holder Lies. #ObamaBookTitles (CC @jimmiebjr)

— Amelia (@AmeliaHammy) April 16, 2012

This tweet, from someone who took umbrage to the fun and games, seems a little lacking in creativity.

#ObamaBookTitles pic.twitter.com/GazemowA

— April (@ReignOfApril) April 15, 2012

You know, if we ever need a second slogan for the site, “Wherever there is a funny hashtag game that involves the President, Twitchy will be there!” wouldn’t be a bad one…


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