Looters smile and wave at cameras in wake of Typhoon Haiyan


Of all the places slammed by Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda  in the Philippines, none was hit harder than Tacloban City. Terrible photos show that many people died, and it looks like some of the survivors are in for a long haul. Meanwhile, scores of Tacloban residents are cheerfully stealing goods from retail outlets, according to a local news outlet and numerous eyewitnesses. Video of the scene at Gaisano mall taken by ABS-CBN can be seen here (at about 4:00 in).


It is one thing for someone who is starving to steal food. It is quite another for cheerful people to haul away suitcases and a freezer used to store ice cream cones:


Many, however, say the looting is morally acceptable — or at least falls into an ethical gray area:


She’s not sad about the typhoon or the looting or those who died. She’s sad about the people condemning the looting. Wow.

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