Madonna, the Quaker Oats dude, and Colonel Sanders: Separated at birth

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We told you about Madonna’s Suit and Grill ensemble at the Grammys. We told you about Pharrell’s Arby’s/Canadian Mountie hat. We couldn’t let the night pass, though, without letting you know that the Quaker Oats guy has made a comeback.!/MaureenMakeup/status/427638183057424385!/joekehoe/status/427655986988339200!/daspilar/status/427655741357293571

Apparently tired of the look after a few hours, Madonna changed costumes and resurrected…Colonel Sanders. Or is she Boss Hogg?!/mckooley/status/427656656135024640!/SaukTalk/status/427655844595904512!/CorkGaines/status/427655721191108608

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