Man shoots himself at NRA 500; Gun control advocates respond as you’d expect!/Rob_Hoffman/status/323564316668338176

A man committed suicide by shooting himself in the head on the infield of the NRA-sponsored NASCAR race in Texas last night.

According to the Dallas Morning News, police said the man, Kirk Franklin, died of a “self-inflicted injury” after getting into an argument with other campers.

Gun control supporters reacted with grace, sensitivity, and compassion.

No, not really. In truth, their responses ranged from bemusement to outright glee:

It’s a start. RT @owillis: Attendee at NRA sponsored NASCAR event committed suicide. With a gun.

— Tana Butler (@TanaButler) April 14, 2013

Social Darwinism at work: “@owillis: Attendee at NRA sponsored NASCAR event committed suicide. With a gun.

— bluemax (@flocktard) April 14, 2013

Thousands of gun nuts (and their guns) together at a booze-fueled Nascar event? What could go wrong?…

— Clare O’Connor (@Clare_OC) April 14, 2013

@nra oh irony, how thou rears its ugly head, to reveal a new gun death.

— James Martin (@JimMartin2011) April 14, 2013

If he only had a gun….oh wait….…

— Kari Jackson (@KariJack65) April 14, 2013

“@darrenrovell: Fan at the @nra sponsored NASCAR race kills himself with a gun (H/T @bairet)”A good guy with gun?

— Richard Saunders (@organicdemocrat) April 14, 2013

might have been tempted if i had a gun and had to watch nascar, but stooopid is as stooopid does

— java2hot (@java2hot) April 14, 2013

Sarcasm. Snark. Vitriol. It’s what we’ve come to expect from the anti-gun Left.


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