Media call narrow McAuliffe victory a major win for Obamacare!/CharlesdeCharle/status/397916541422825473

The race for Virginia governor was never supposed to be a close as it was tonight. Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli was expected to trail Terry McAuliffe by anywhere from 5 to 7 points, and yet many are calling McAuliffe’s narrow (projected) victory a referendum on Obamacare. Take Business Insider’s Josh Barro, for example, who was among the first to float the idea that maybe it’s best if you can’t keep that health plan you like after all, no matter what the president promised.!/jbarro/status/397912995524640768

Try to contain your excitement.!/TheStalwart/status/397912914168152064!/markos/status/397916506408767488


Obamacare certainly hasn’t sounded so popular in the polls lately, and in fact, it never did. So is tonight’s election a sign to give up on fighting the Affordable Care Act at the ballot box in 2014?!/baseballcrank/status/397919017119145984!/jbarro/status/397914529507463168!/derekahunter/status/397913858897367040

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