Mehcad Brooks slammed for ‘sexy’ ad toasting Roe v. Wade decision!/thesavvy/status/293847823772958720

Mother Jones kicked off the 40th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision with a poorly considered “happy birthday” wish, so why not a “happy anniversary” as well, complete with a rose and some slow jams in the background? “True Blood’s” Mehcad Brooks stars in a “sexy” spot put together by the Center for Reproductive Rights, but the humor of the ad is lost on quite a few who don’t consider 40 years of abortion a laughing matter.

@reprorights @mehcadbrooks “Hey BABY?” Very sick ad. Celebrating your “right” to kill is repulsive & vile.

— Michelle Dryjanski (@mchelldryjanski) January 22, 2013

Hey, baby? Really? Sorry, Mehcad, baby can’t hear you.

I don’t know what @mehcadbrooks was thinking, but he should be ashamed of himself. Who toasts to dead babies? #TheFive

— Savannah (@thesavvy) January 22, 2013

Who toasts to dead babies? That’s not a question we thought would ever be asked, but now it even has an answer: Mehcad Brooks. Just how offensive is that spot? Let Twitter count the ways.

@melissatweets That’s not only abortion creepy, it’s racist and sexist creepy too. @jammiewf

— Jim J (@anthropocon) January 23, 2013

Do you @mehcadbrooks realize your disgusting ad celebrates the fact OVER 55 MILLION INNOCENT UNBORN BABIES WERE MURDERED? @hbo @usanetwork

— Katy (@KatyinIndy) January 22, 2013

[email protected]katyinindy … and Miss Katy, what’s ignored, is that blacks are 13% of the population, but amount to something like 30% of all abortions.

— mark wonderful (@markwonderful) January 22, 2013

If morons like @mehcadbrooks actually did a lil studying of PP & abortion, I’d hv some respect 4 em. #Roe led 2 MANY minority deaths. #tcot

— LCiii (@lybr3) January 22, 2013

@mehcadbrooks Nice abortion ad!Dr. King would be ashamed.He rightly called abortiion Black Genocide.Do you know about Sanger?

— John Mac (@gvandalay) January 22, 2013

@reprorights @mehcadbrooks ya…it is time to draw the line. On romanticizing and sexualizing killing babies. Disgusting +

— Shawn W (@shawndw1975) January 23, 2013

Mehcad Brooks must b pretty desperate actor. Pro-abortion vid sad cuz if Planned Parenthood had their way, theyd kill all black babies. #Roe

— LCiii (@lybr3) January 22, 2013

@mehcadbrooks your abortion ad is true evil and I will never watch your show again

— steve olson (@SteveSteveolson) January 22, 2013

@necroughfans @mehcadbrooks @necroughness @usa_networkJoking about abortion is a red line for me…will no longer be watching.

— Beverly (@Illusiveanswers) January 23, 2013

@thesavvy @mehcadbrooks Truly one of the most tasteless things I’ve seen.”Baby”? My Lord, do these Leftist monsters have no shame?

— John Gladin (@LTCjRet) January 22, 2013

@mehcadbrooks Happy 40th Anniversary, BABY?Are you talking to all the BABIES murdered in their mother’s wombs? You should be ashamed.

— Kristy Lonestar (@luchadora41) January 22, 2013

@mehcadbrooks Was there some strange contest on the number of times you could say “baby” in an ad celebrating abortion?

— Nitish Singh (@IamNitishSingh) January 22, 2013

@mehcadbrooks Congrats for being an ignorant pawn in an insulting ad celebrating 55 million deaths. You looked like a complete a-hole. #tcot

— Bonk (@BonkPolitics) January 22, 2013

The sickest pro-abortion ad with @mehcadbrooks , a rose to the women who have murdered their children in the past 40 years. no shame. #tcot

— Sweeten Tweets (@suitebee) January 23, 2013

This poor sap –> @mehcadbrooks just starred in a revolting ad celebrating #Roe‘s 40th anniversary. Hope you were paid well. #TGDN #p2

— BreitTwit (@BreitTwit1) January 22, 2013

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