Meltdown of the day: Melissa Harris-Perry laments loss of citizenship!/MHarrisPerry/status/349534267518353408!/MHarrisPerry/status/349534447177170946

Oh, Melissa Harris-Perry, thank you! We haven’t laughed so hard since … since your fellow MSNBC host Chris Hayes became “physically enraged” by the Supreme Court’s ruling that Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act is unconstitutional. The decision is a threat to her very citizenship?

Lean forward … into giggle fits.!/lachlan/status/349537074870890497

Perhaps eternally “persecuted” village idiot Harris-Perry is just disappointed SCOTUS didn’t declare children assets of the collective?!/ThePantau/status/349536368688496640

This time, the stupid really does burn.!/charlescwcooke/status/349536260022484992!/RhymesWithRight/status/349546149042061312!/redsteeze/status/349537182043734018!/BethanyBowra/status/349537858937290754!/mattjmobile/status/349537110421798912

Oh, just wait. Never underestimate the ability of the Left to induce new extremes in eye-rolling.

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