Michael Moore furious with ‘weenie’ Harry Reid over assault weapon ban vote


Did viewers of “Piers Morgan Tonight” hear Michael Moore call Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid a “weenie” as the show broke for a commercial? Yes, yes they did.

I think Michael Moore called Harry Reid a weenie

— Eric Larson (@larsoneric50) March 20, 2013

Did I just hear Michael Moore refer to Harry Reid as a “little Weenie”?

— Daniel Morgan (@dmorgan175) March 20, 2013

@piersmorgan Michael Moore on Harry Ried: “weenie”… LOL !

— Cal_HAM (@Cal_HAM) March 20, 2013

@mmflint “Harry Reid is a weenie” Wow….. The unvarnished truth! You gained a little respect from me tonight!

— Robert Newman (@MiamiBeachBob) March 20, 2013

#cnn picks up @mmflint calling Reid “weenie” LOL. I love zealots. My right is to own a rifle. Never forget it. #nra #kneejerkreaction

— Nicholas Vollaro (@nicholasvollaro) March 20, 2013

@mmflint Weenie!!! I love it!!

— Laura Salice Souza (@Palmina54) March 20, 2013

It’s not even the first time Moore has called Reid “the biggest weenie” in a “party full of wimps.”

Piers Morgan added that he’s “incensed” as well with Harry Reid for not bringing Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s sweeping assault weapon ban to the floor for a vote, but Moore leveled the “weenies” charge against Democrats as a whole for not standing strong for gun control.

“We have these weenies on our side,” says @mmflint of Harry Reid and Democrats. Live for hour on @piersmorganlive now.

— Steve Krakauer (@SteveKrak) March 20, 2013

He’s angry because he’s represented by weenies on Capitol Hill? We admit it — we have something in common with Michael Moore.

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