Miss America interviews include ‘best goat impression I’ve ever seen’



Those who chose football over the Miss America Pageant Sunday night really didn’t know what they were missing — specifically, a glamorous goat impression.

someone just did a GOAT IMPRESSION; this is even better than the contestant with a crystalline crab shoe #missamerica pic.twitter.com/C3XQwJMiM4

— alex rees (@maybealexislost) September 15, 2014

glad to see #missamerica interview clips, but so far it's wall push-ups, the victimization of pretty girls, and a goat impression. COME ON.

— kate shindle (@kateshindle) September 15, 2014

That goat impression was brilliant. Which Miss was that? #MissAmerica

— Brian Herrera (@stinkylulu) September 15, 2014

One contestant just did a GOAT impression in the interview portion #MissAmerica

— Hannah Wood (@notsowiseowl) September 15, 2014

Best goat impression I've ever seen 😂😂 #MissAmerica

— B♏️ (@breanna_hood) September 15, 2014

That has to count for something.

The goat impression, I will practice that.. thank you Miss South Dakota:) #MissAmerica

— Cari Baker (@MakeupByCari) September 15, 2014

Never mind opera singing and ventriloquism, bring back the goat impression! I know her mama's so proud. #MissAmerica

— Susan Emack Alison (@smackalison) September 15, 2014

Is the girl who did the goat impression in interview portion going to make the cut?!?! #MissAmerica

— Hannah Wood (@notsowiseowl) September 15, 2014

Did she really do a goat impression? NOOOOOOO! #MissAmerica

— Crystal Brown-Tatum (@msbrowntatum) September 15, 2014

A miss America contestant just imitated a goat #MissAmerica

— Adam Ferrari (@AdamFerrari) September 15, 2014

I can do that goat noise! @MissAmericaOrg #MissAmerica

— Stefanie Egan (@StefanieEgan) September 15, 2014

Miss Vermont 2013 is tired of the media focus on goat impressions.

I HATE WHEN 20/20 MAKES US LOOK LIKE IDIOTS. #MissAmerica women are intelligent and driven. Stop focusing on burps and goat sounds. #rant

— Jeanelle Achee (@JeanelleAlyce) September 15, 2014

Pro-tip for other contestants: do not perform a goat impression if under attack by a cheetah.

It’s true. She WAS attacked by a cheetah. And has a scar to prove it. http://t.co/LXw9Rz9TGl #MissAmerica pic.twitter.com/lkmhqaVEcj

— Jim Roberts (@nycjim) September 15, 2014

The #MissAmerica producers have to be mocking us, right? pic.twitter.com/Xy4brA0hT8

— Emily Miller (@EmilyMiller) September 15, 2014

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