Mitt, Ann Romney thank supporters; Gleeful libs spew venom!/MittRomney/status/267350171053080576

Mitt and Ann Romney tweeted gracious messages of gratitude to their supporters.

This was more than a campaign – this was a national movement. @mittromney and I will always be thankful for your support.

— Ann Romney (@AnnDRomney) November 11, 2012

Leftists are apparently not satisfied with the election victory. They feel the need to continue to spew venom at the Romneys.

@anndromney @mittromney A National bowel movement.Your Evil has been excreted!

— firemanjohn628 (@firemanjohn628) November 11, 2012

@anndromney @mittromney ann…you’re so funny. run back to your bubble and watch the US prosper with a better man in office: not Shitt.

— Slim2Cox (@Slim2Cox) November 11, 2012

@mittromney STFU . . You lost

— Let It Be’Beautiful♡ (@Candy_LuvsU) November 11, 2012

@anndromney ended up as a bowel movement.

— Scott (@Kangkodos) November 11, 2012

@mittromney Americans have spoken: MITT ROMNEY, YOU CAN’T HAVE MY COUNTRY!

— Mateo (@king_complex) November 11, 2012

@anndromney @mittromney As a resident of Massachusetts I am much happier to see you & Mitt going as opposed to coming! Good Riddance! #tcot

— Maia Hussein Obama (@BlackDahalia) November 11, 2012

@fleckelrod @anndromney @mittromney Hoping to drop a reality moment in her very unrealistic life.

— Theresa Krause (@tmkrause) November 11, 2012

@anndromney @mittromney Thank you Lord for keeping this couple out of the White House. Now to unseat the racist house of representatives.

— Kelly Boone (@KellyGurisBoone) November 11, 2012

I can go the rest of my life without ever seeing Mitt and Ann Romney again.

— Just Plain Mary (@MWJ1231) November 11, 2012


— Chris Atkinson (@ChrisAtkinson__) November 11, 2012

Classless, even in victory.

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