Morally bankrupt mob declares abortion screamfest the new Arab Spring!/HuntKeatCab/status/349770059268374529

The unruly pro-abortion mob that supported Texas lawmaker Wendy Davis’s filibuster of S.B. 5 with out-of-control, screaming tantrums? Just kicking off the new Arab Spring.

Shameless pro-aborts took to Twitter to celebrate the #TexasSpring ushered in by undemocratic mob rule that disrupted the Texas Senate session and delayed the vote until after the midnight deadline. Late-term abortion on demand, more Kermit Gosnells, unsafe abortion facilities? A victory for human rights (unless you’re an unborn human, natch).

These are the oh-so-brave freedom fighters dead set on preventing the legislature from placing restrictions on abortions after 20 weeks.!/JoelBurns/status/349734294001958914!/JoelBurns/status/349751699176566784!/JoelBurns/status/349753136262557696

The “sound of democracy” or the screech of mob rule? Others joined Fort Worth Councilman Joel Burns in promoting the utterly twisted #TexasSpring hashtag.!/fpereyra/status/349756184758194177!/David_Williams/status/349752686784151553!/VINNYOCONNORSF/status/349754282897178624!/DyanaRae/status/349795199637135360

Great hashtag choice, y’all.!/eloracnasus/status/349774178934734848!/BenHowe/status/349768769435996160

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