MSNBC exclusive: Police #exaggerbated situation in Ferguson!/sahilkapur/status/500392071392665601

So much new information — both confirmed and unconfirmed— has emerged today regarding the Michael Brown shooting, that we can all be sure of only one thing: police “exaggerbated” the problem, according to the experts on MSNBC.!/dylanlscott/status/500391971173969920

Rep. Steve Cohen the Ed show: "… they exagerbated the situation…"

Host right after: "…yeah they exacerbated it…"

#Shade— Sean Carlson (@itsthatseanguy) August 15, 2014!/txvoodoo/status/500392102287527936

That’s probably the best guess as to what it means, but this is MSNBC, after all. Coining new terms makes their hosts downright “jiddy.”!/McBenefit/status/500393287635992576

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