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No, sadly. The story of oral sex between 4- and 5-year-olds at the First Lutheran Church of Carson School in Carson, Calif., broke earlier this week, and millions more heard about it today on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show. The school is scheduled to close down on Friday, but as ABC News reports, “the school’s closing was related to the director’s resigning for personal reasons, and insisted the alleged sexual incidents had nothing to do with the closure.”

The California Department of Social Services cited the school for having an improper student-teacher ratio. A lack of supervision created an environment where preschoolers “would engage in oral sex during nap time, in the tunnel slide on the playground and in an outside bathroom,” according to attorney Greg Owen. Needless to say, Americans were disgusted and outraged by the allegations.

We live in a society where preschoolers engage in oral sex. Let that marinate

— Christian Grey (@Kool_Mo_B) February 6, 2013

What the fuck is wrong with this world? Preschoolers having oral sex in school! Omg. #disgusted

— lil bit. (@befakneee) February 6, 2013

Woah preschoolers giving oral sex????!!! Seriously this world makes my heart very sad..

— Vanessa(@missnessa02) February 6, 2013

Preschoolers at a Christian school giving each other oral sex during nap time & recess. Where the heck are the teachers?!

— LaKoyaReyes(@LaKoyaReyes) February 6, 2013

There is too much filth in the world. Why are little preschoolers engaging in oral sex? I can’t even right now. I hope this is a hoax.

— Jocelyn C. (@OhhIvette) February 5, 2013

Just when i thought life couldn’t be any more outrageous, I hear on the news about 4 year old preschoolers engaging in oral sex. WHAT. Icant

— Tiffanie Hoang (@tiffaniehoang) February 5, 2013

The shocking nature of the story has people talking (and holding out hope that it’s not true), but sadly, there’s more where that came from. How bad have things become that something could make these student/teacher sex scandals seem not quite so bad in comparison?

Pregnant teacher sentenced for sex with student. Her attorney called San Diego PD’s case a “rush to judgment”

— Steve Albrecht (@DrSteveAlbrecht) February 7, 2013

“@dallasnews: Dallas school teacher accused of having sex with student after prom, @tanyaeiserer reports

— David Roque (@rho_kay) February 6, 2013

Married Mother, Tennessee Teacher Of Gifted Kids Arrested For Sex With Student: A Haywood Middle School prodigy …

— Brownsville News (@BrownsvilleTX20) February 6, 2013

Former Gibsonville teacher charged with sex offense with student

— MyFOX8 FOX8 WGHP (@myfox8) February 1, 2013

A 9th grade teacher at Charlton HS has been charged with 7 counts of sexual assault for each student she had sex with.…

— Everything Georgia (@GAFollowers) February 1, 2013

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