Nature Is Already Beautiful, But This Artist Took It To Another Level.

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Spanish artist Lorenzo Durán has spent the last four years creating works of art from one of the most abundant materials in the world. We see these materials almost everyday for most of the year, until they are driven away by the cold winds of winter and sent packing to the dump. What am I talking about? Leaves, of course. 🙂

Working out of his home in Guadalajara, Lorenzo focuses primarily on cutting intricate illustrations from dried leaves.

Many of his works depict insects and animals.

But he also explores geometric shapes and does custom work.

The results are amazing.

(Source: Lorenzo Durán via This Is Colossal) Lorenzo’s work is incredibly intriguing, and painstaking. We can’t imagine the time and dedication involved, nor can we begin to guess how often a leaf probably tore accidentally, ruining a masterpiece. No matter though… Bravo! Please consider sharing with your friends using the button below.

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