Paydirt: Media find link between Chris Dorner and George (H.W.) Bush!/BradThor/status/299664346060042241

The mainstream media haven’t been able to connect alleged cop-killer Christopher Dorner to the Tea Party yet, but they’re getting closer. As Twitchy has reported, several media outlets have buried portions of Dorner’s manifesto that reveal his far-Left leanings and adoration of CNN and MSNBC. Those details certainly don’t fit the standard “blame the Tea Party” narrative, but reporters have found one tidbit they can use, and it might let them blame (a) Bush.

Dorner to George H.W. Bush: “You were always one of my favorite Presidents. I hope your health improves greatly.”

— Joshua Chavers (@JoshuaChavers) February 7, 2013

#Dorner named George H.W. Bush as his 2nd favorite POTUS. Just remember that, #tcot, when you hear all about Obama & Biden from your people.

— Brian Lee (@BrianLee211) February 7, 2013

Yeah, remember that. Dorner wrote, “The honorable President George H.W. Bush, they never give you enough credit for your successful Presidency. You were always one of my favorite Presidents (2nd favorite). I hope your health improves greatly. You are the epitome of an American and service to country.” Gawker was among the media outlets that highlighted the Bush connection, which Reuters’ Matthew Keys mistakenly tweeted as George W. Bush before correcting himself and deleting the original tweet.


Former LAPD cop who allegedly killed couple praised George H.W. Bush in online manifesto –

— Matthew Keys (@TheMatthewKeys) February 7, 2013

@thematthewkeys Gawker forgot to mention that Dorner also praised Obama and slammed Romney. Accidental oversight, I’m sure.

— Sunny (@sunnyright) February 7, 2013

Heck, Dorner even praised Michelle Obama’s bangs (and lamented the thought that he wouldn’t live to see “The Hangover 3″). But … Bush!

@sunnyright I’m sure it wasn’t an oversight, since they posted the full manifesto online. But good try.

— Matthew Keys (@TheMatthewKeys) February 7, 2013

@thematthewkeys Yeah, it’s in the full manifesto – not in their report with highlights from it. I’m talking about their report, not the doc.

— Sunny (@sunnyright) February 7, 2013

Tonight I’m learning it’s okay to be biased and bury a fact so long as you link to the original, incredibly long source document. Huh.

— Sunny (@sunnyright) February 8, 2013

So, what’s a journalist to do?

“Dorner said he was a big fan of George H. W. Bush. Does that make him a Tea Partier or a RINO?” #journalism

— Miké (@ThePantau) February 7, 2013

Hey [email protected]piersmorgan #Dorner was a fan of H.W. Bush…you SURE it had nothing to do with politics? Take your time on this one…

— Tired Mama (@TiredmamainNC) February 7, 2013

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