Police Reopen Missing Persons Case After Hard-To-Watch Footage Resurfaces Online

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In 2009, a 15-year-old girl named Kayla Berg went missing from Antigo, Wisconsin, after a friend dropped her off at her boyfriend’s house one night.

Berg hasn’t been seen since, but after terrifying footage recently went viral again, police have decided to investigate and ask the public for help in determining its origins. Many people believe that it is connected to her disappearance.

Only a couple of months after she vanished, a video entitled, “Hi Walter! I got a new gf today!” was uploaded to YouTube. It shows a man telling someone named Walter about meeting “the most wonderful girl” at the mall. But when he turns the camera toward a closed door and opens it, things quickly get disturbing.

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This footage is difficult to watch.

As of now, representatives from the Antigo Police Department say that they are 100 percent sure that the video is fake and has nothing to do with Berg’s disappearance.

They have gotten in contact with the video’s producer and the two actors, who told them this was supposed to be part of a series of YouTube videos and that they never intended to make any reference to Berg.

Unfortunately, the actress looks and sounds so similar to the missing teen that her own mother thought it could’ve been her in that closet. The department says that they will continue looking into any tips or leads as they come up.

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