President Barack Obama calls Kanye West a jackass…again!/Toure/status/190427680359985152

Why Obama worried about Kanye , he need to do his job & stop worrying about a rapper !

— LC (@KingsOfLeon1994) April 12, 2012

LOL Obama said Kanye is a jackass but talented. Wow P!

— Lauren Nicole (@fashkillr) April 12, 2012

I'd love Kanye West to bite back at Obama!

— Sean (@FattysLeg) April 12, 2012

I wonder how kanye feels when president obama calls him a jackass. It gotta sting , they from the same homestate. They need a intervention

— Billy Gramz (@Shua704) April 12, 2012!/EGLVW_HardOnaHo/status/190534830939848705

president obama firing up kanye west…… thats my kind of president lol

— StevenSpeaks (@iStevenSpeaks) April 12, 2012

President Obama calls Kanye West a Jackass again! I think he's right tho

— Holy Ghost™ (@Oro_boi) April 12, 2012

President Obama calling Kanye a jackass is pure comedy to me

— CurvingMagicJohnson (@iHitModelsRaw) April 12, 2012

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