Recent Woody Allen play reportedly featured molestation ‘joke’

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“Honeymoon Motel”? That was a one-act play Woody Allen wrote a few years ago for an anthology called “Relatively Speaking.” Why does New Yorker TV critic Emily Nussbaum ask?!/emilynussbaum/status/430394781668106240

That would be something, considering the open letter Dylan Farrow published in the New York Times this weekend charging Woody Allen with sexual molestation.!/emilynussbaum/status/430508237461266432!/emilynussbaum/status/430509803081695232

That certainly doesn’t prove anything, but still — who jokes about child molestation?!/emilynussbaum/status/430521860560666624!/emilynussbaum/status/430518738127835137!/erikpatterson/status/430519263913197568!/nancysobel/status/430522880666140673

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