Reid gushes over McCain for leading GOP charge against filibuster [video]!/jbendery/status/322372698758062080

Reid thanks McCain for saying that there shouldn’t be a filibuster on the vote to allow debate. “the hard work starts now,” he adds

— Sam Stein (@samsteinhp) April 11, 2013

Hope you haven’t had lunch yet. Your emetic of the day, courtesy of a drooling Sen. Harry Reid.

Oh gag. Reids praise of McCain’s betrayal is sickmaking.

— Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) April 11, 2013

The ooey gooey love-fest was due to Sen. John McCain’s support of cloture for gun-grabbers. Reid also said how “grateful” he was for other Republicans who “joined with us to allow this debate to go forward.”

More from @nancycordes on Senate 68-31 cloture vote: 16 Republicans voted to proceed to votes, 2 Dems voted against.

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) April 11, 2013

The gun control cloture vote will be posted here:…

— David Freddoso (@freddoso) April 11, 2013

Not surprising considering how close the threat of a filibuster came to making Reid soil his undies.

Reid says that amendments to gun bill shouldn’t be filibustered: “That would just be shameful”

— Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) April 11, 2013

“We cannot have just a few senators spoiling everything for everyone here.” – Reid

— Adam (@GPIA7R) April 11, 2013

My God, Reid is terrified of filibustering.

— Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) April 11, 2013

But so much for eating today.

Right? If you’re one of the ones he just thanked, check yourself RT @therickwilson: Oh gag. Reids praise of McCain’s betrayal is sickmaking.

— Tabitha Hale (@TabithaHale) April 11, 2013

Look McCain!Reid <hearts> you!!Fool.

— Seriously? (@R_U_Srs) April 11, 2013

Sickening. MT @drewmtips Harry Reid thanking @senjohnmccain for leading GOP charge against filibuster. Heh.

— Jon Gabriel (@ExJon) April 11, 2013

Note to the GOP: If Harry Reid is thanking you for something, that’s usually a bad sign.

— Francesca Chambers (@fran_chambers) April 11, 2013

Senate bill S649 passes cloture vote. Harry Reid Is publicly stroking John McCain’s ego. That tells you all you need to know about McCain.

— Netizen Kane (@NetizenKane) April 11, 2013

68-31 to move toward vote on #gunCONTROL. Reid thanking McCain. #disgusting

— Bill Moore (@billamoore) April 11, 2013

Gag.Harry Reid praising McCain.

— Chic (@Nayrue) April 11, 2013

Right there with you.

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