Report: Sen. Feinstein ‘will have lots of assault weapons’ as she unveils gun ban bill; Update: Pics added!/DanaBashCNN/status/294435811926106112

Aw, isn’t DiFi special?

Dianne Feinstein, Chris Murphy and fellow gun-grabbing lawmakers are scheduled to introduce a new ban on “weapons of war” at 11 a.m. on Thursday. Everyone ready for gun control theater?

According to CNN’s Dana Bash, Feinstein got special “permission” to parade assault weapons (also known as deadly “devises”) at her dog and pony show. Did she get the OK from the same people who gave David Gregory the green light to place himself above the law?

Oh yay, Feinstein to be flanked with “assault” rifles today during her presser at 11 am. DC police gave her permission.

— Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) January 24, 2013

A cocksure David Gregory will show up driving a tank. RT @hmfearny: Feinstein will have “assault weapons” with her today at the presser.

— Cuffé (@CuffyMeh) January 24, 2013

No word on whether DiFi will actually define “assault weapons,” but if her preview was any indication, the rough translation is “guns that offend my aesthetic sensibilities.”


DiFi’s exhibit:

Weapons on display at the presser to announce Sen. Feinstein’s assault weapons ban…

— Melanie Mason (@melmason) January 24, 2013

Waiting for introduction of new #guncontrol legislationin Senate Dirksen bldg…

— Carrie Johnson (@johnson_carrie) January 24, 2013

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