Report: Shots fired at Cannes Film Festival [photo]; Update: ‘Appears to be a crazy guy’!/Reuters/status/335508053753479169

Scant information out there, but Reuters just tweeted the news and a photo. Twitchy will monitor and update.

Update: According to this report, the shooter is in custody and no one has been injured.

The Cannes shooter is in police custody, and no one is believed to be hurt.

— Yahoo! News (@YahooNews) May 17, 2013


Christoph Waltz Interview Interrupted By Gunshots at Cannes Film Festival (VIDEO)… via @gossipcop

— Jéssicaaraújo (@jess_robsten) May 17, 2013


Question for the weekend: will the shots fired at Cannes get more or less coverage than the shots fired at the NOLA Mother’s Day parade?

— Columbia Jrn Review (@CJR) May 17, 2013

@cjr Since the 2 shots at Cannes were blanks and 19 people were NOT injured, no.

— Justice Café (@facsmiley) May 17, 2013

@cjr @saramorrison More. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more.

— Kofi Appiah Biney (@kofiabiney) May 17, 2013

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Reuters is quoting a police source as saying that the shooter “appears to be a crazy guy” who was carrying a dummy grenade and a knife.

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