Reuters runs cover for president’s ‘vote for revenge’ statement!/Reuters/status/264810724356927488

When President Obama told supporters in Ohio on Friday that “Voting is the best revenge,” even members of his campaign knew how small and petty it sounded. Obama campaign manager Jim Messina earlier today made a pathetic attempt to turn the comment around on Mitt Romney, tweeting that “the Romney campaign’s message today is revenge.”

It seems Reuters is doing what they can to lend Messina a hand, today offering up the headline, “As campaign roars to close, Romney and Obama talk ‘revenge.’” Of course, if you read a few paragraphs down, you’ll find Romney’s statement on the matter, delivered at campaign appearances yesterday: “[Obama] spoke to an audience and said voting is the best revenge. He’s asking his supporters to vote for revenge. I’m asking you to vote for love of country.” Around 30,000 people heard Romney loud and clear on Friday night in West Chester, Ohio. Perhaps Reuters could have consulted someone there.

[email protected]reuters Of course you mean “OBAMA talks revenge.” I’m sure you’ll offer a correction Nov. 7.

— Jon G. (@ExJon) November 3, 2012

@reuters OBAMA is the sick jerk who is comparing voting to revenge. NOT Romney. Get facts straight.

— candace crawford (@candicanelane) November 3, 2012

Nice headline, Reuters. RT @reuters: As campaign roars to close, Romney and Obama talk “revenge”

— John Ekdahl, Jr. (@JohnEkdahl) November 3, 2012

@reuters Correction:#ObamaIsAGlobalDisgrace is the only one talking “revenge”.#Romney is talking “Love of Country”

— Irish Liz (@IrishLiz123) November 3, 2012

@johnekdahl @reuters Press continues dishonest reporting because they fear #ObamasRevenge if he wins.

— Kevin Cody (@TheKevinCody) November 3, 2012

I’m sorry. Come again?Who talks Revenge? RT @reuters As campaign roars to close, Romney and Obama talk “revenge”

— Alexander Khanukov (@akhanukov) November 3, 2012

@reuters I beg your pardon. Obama is the only one talking revenge.

— Darla Yow Franklin (@darlajune) November 3, 2012

[email protected]reuters you mean @barackobama talks revenge. You will be fixing this headline, right? #tcot #tlot

— Jim (@BoogymanWF) November 3, 2012

@reuters That is SO dishonest.Obama told people to vote for him out of “revenge.”Romney quoted Obama.#InTheTank #MediaMalpractice

— TD (@TexasDarlinBlog) November 3, 2012

Seriously, wth is wrong with you people? RT @reuters: As campaign roars to close, Romney and Obama talk “revenge”

— Robt. John (@El_Skeptico) November 3, 2012

@exjon Gotta love the establishment media covering Obama’s ass at all costs. @reuters

— Susan ♎ (@wayward_okie) November 3, 2012

@reutersneeds to make a correction to their title

— Darla Yow Franklin (@darlajune) November 3, 2012

@reuters Uhmmm, no. Obama is talking revenge, Romney’s talking love of country. Get it right.

— John(@NEsportsfan17) November 3, 2012

@reuters Get it right. Obama said to vote for revenge. Romney said vote for love of country.#FactCheckPlease

— Deano McNeil (@mcneil1088) November 3, 2012

You do realize Obama is the one talking revenge. @reutersAs campaign roars to close, Romney and Obama talk “revenge”

— Teresa Wendt (@projectmat) November 3, 2012

It’s the question we keep asking, unfortunately.

@reuters Is this a parody account?

— Neo (@Neosexist) November 3, 2012

Just for fun, here’s Obama campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki’s interpretation of what the president meant by “revenge.” Hint: You right wingers are taking his words out of context again.

Well, it’s important to remember that the context of when the President said that was as he was laying out the fact that Mitt Romney is closing his campaign with an ad full of scare tactics that’s frightening workers in Ohio and thinking falsely that they’re not going to have a job. And the message he was sending is, if you don’t like the policies, if you don’t like the plan that Governor Romney is putting forward, if you think it’s a bad deal for the middle class, then you have power — you can go to the voting booths and you can cast your ballot. It’s nothing more complicated than that.

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