Robots Are Going From Cool To ‘KILL ALL HUMANS’ A Little Too Quickly For My Taste

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For all the movies and TV shows like Battlestar Galactica, iRobot, and Blade Runner out there that depict robots as being our eventual undoing, it’s a little odd that people keep making these things. If you ask me, robots are basically manmade harbingers of doom. Last week, for example, Microsoft’s millennial chatbot “Tay” decided that Hitler had some pretty good ideas.

As if Tay’s comments weren’t scary enough, a SXSW presentation got a little too apocalyptic recently when another robot named Sophia cheerfully said, “Okay, I’ll destroy all humans!”


I agree with Dr. David Hanson’s idea to keep robots looking like robots. After all, we should probably be able to distinguish them from humans when they ultimately decide to end us. (I’m probably going to regret writing this article when the Cylons finally take over, aren’t I?)

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