Sally Kohn hasn’t retracted her Michael Brown lie; Update: She doubles down

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After Twitchy pointed out this morning that Sally Kohn was completely, ridiculously wrong about the Michael Brown shooting, she could have admitted her error. She could have posted a retraction. She could have tweeted an apology to her readers.

Guess what? She didn’t do any of those things. Instead, about an hour and a half after our article was published, she posted this:!/sallykohn/status/501341459644047361

Why would Kohn suddenly post a week-old article about the Ferguson shooting? Probably it was her way of responding to Twitchy’s post. The article she linked to, however, offers no support whatsoever for her still-unretracted claim that Brown was shot while “fleeing” a police officer.

We’re still waiting, Sally.

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Sally Kohn: ‘Only sure facts … Mike Brown was unarmed and fleeing with hands up.’

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Kohn doubles down:!/sallykohn/status/501437678731403264

Here’s video of Belmar’s August 10th news conference in which he briefly discussed the circumstances in which Michael Brown was shot:

At no point in the video does he state that Brown was shot while fleeing the police. We’ll believe he said it if and when we see it on video. #surefacts.

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