Sarah Palin slams Fox commentator Michael Waltrip over ‘strategery’ remarks!/SarahPalinUSA/status/311714247874846721

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s late-night tweet was prompted by a gaffe that occurred during Fox Sports’ coverage of a NASCAR race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Sunday.

The incident began when Fox Sports NASCAR commentator Michael Waltrip, talking about the crew chief for one of the drivers, used the term “master strategery” when he intended to say “master strategist.”  Realizing his mistake, Waltrip referred to the crew chief as having “Palin strategery.”  Waltrip and Fox Sports host Chris Myers then laughed at Waltrip’s anti-Palin joke.

Palin, however, has never used the word “stategery” except in a joking manner.

The word was coined more than a decade ago in a Saturday Night Live sketch in which comedian Will Ferrell portrayed President George W. Bush.

Palin has been a strong supporter of NASCAR. Earlier this year, she tweeted her support for Danica Patrick. In 2010, she attended the Daytona 500, and was well-received by fans there.

Twitter reaction to Waltrip’s comments was uniformly negative:

#Derp @mw55 butchers the word strategy “strategery” then he inserts a Palin dig to save face. Jerk. Keep your politics out of #NASCAR

— PatrioticDissent (@PROVIDENCE1791) March 10, 2013

@mw55 Strategery was George W, not Palin….. Keep politics out of NASCAR.

— Eric Kepf (@TheTrueRaceFan) March 10, 2013

Yeesh — the strategery / “I can see Russia from my house” idiocy continues. Shut up, morons. #nascar #nascaronfox

— Clay Johanson (@clayjohanson) March 10, 2013

In response to Palin’s tweet, Waltrip offered an olive branch via Twitter, calling her “one [of] my fav people on earth” and posting a photo of himself with Sarah and Todd Palin.

@sarahpalinusa you are one if my fav people on earth.…

— Michael Waltrip (@mw55) March 13, 2013

However, he did not apologize.

Ironically, Myers (the Fox Sports host who thought Waltrip’s anti-Palin smear was funny) posted a tweet decrying “haters” on Monday:

I have seen the decent side of people on twitter and I thank you for that.. Haters need not apply.. We can disagree but rude will be banned

— Chris Myers(@The_ChrisMyers) March 11, 2013

Takes one to know one.

Hat tip: Rick Evans.

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