Second Amendment supporters celebrate Gun Appreciation Day at state capitols!/wldcherry2000/status/292515020766601216

Organizers of the first national Gun Appreciation Day urged responsible gun owners to visit gun stores, gun shows and gun ranges “to send a loud and clear message to Congress and President Obama” on Second Amendment rights. Many took a more direct approach, converging on state capitals to take their message directly to their elected representatives. For a first-time event, crowds were impressive.

“Guns Across America” rallies are taking place in 49 state capitol buildings today, for Gun Appreciation Day.

— (@DeniseSawyerTV) January 19, 2013

The rotunda inside the Idaho State Capital for National Gun Appreciation Day.…

— Chip Sayre (@acsayre) January 19, 2013

Gun appreciation day the the capital #foxct #guns

— matt gosciminski (@mattminski) January 19, 2013

Gun appreciation day rally capital 3000+ wow!…

— joes6pack (@frozenliberty) January 19, 2013

So much signage at the Gun Appreciation Day rally at the Capitol. #mnleg…

— Jennifer Brooks (@stribrooks) January 19, 2013

Hundreds gather at the TN Capitol for #gunappreciationday coverage tonight on @wztv_fox17 News.…

— Eric Alvarez (@WZTVEricAlvarez) January 19, 2013

Guess what, Twitter. Oregon just turned out 3000+ patriots at the Oregon Capitol. Booyah. #GunAppreciationDay…

— Benjamin Nanke (@BenQNanke) January 20, 2013

Great day among patriots at a #GUNAPPRECIATIONDAY rally at Texas State Capitol. Est crowd 2000. I’m bottom left corner…

— Sharon Middlebrook (@SMiddlebrook62) January 20, 2013

DPS estimates 1,500 law abiding Second Amendment supporters gathered at Texas Capitol for #GunAppreciationDay…

— Bonzer Wolf™ (@BonzerWolf) January 19, 2013

My buddy @therongivens speaking at the CA state Capitol for #GunAppreciationDay #tcot #TGDN…

— ✪ iResist ✪™ (@iResistAll) January 19, 2013 Walked over to the TX Capitol during lunch and found some folks enjoying Gun Appreciation Day.

— Aaron Peña (@AaronPena) January 19, 2013


— Tea Party Boise, Inc (@TeaPartyBoise) January 20, 2013

1000’s gather for Gun Appreciation Day in Hartford.…

— Brad Ford (@Digetydog) January 19, 2013

Gun Appreciation day, here in Utah,I LOVE what our capitol here in Salt Lake Cityis doing!Awesome turnout, no violence and God Bless NRA !

— Shyanne Shimp #TGDN (@shy_shimp454) January 19, 2013

Gun ownership is an adult responsibility. Gun-frightened, government-craving liberalism is a juvenile handicap #GunAppreciationDay

— Joe the Patriotic (@joethepatriotic) January 20, 2013

It’s National Gun Appreciation Day! Get out to the Range, Store, Rally! Show that you value your 2nd Amendment Rights! #RedNationRising

— MAMA JUKES (@MamaJukes) January 19, 2013

Widespread, peaceful demonstrations proved how essential citizens’ First Amendment rights are to the preservation of their Second Amendment rights — if only convincing people of the reverse could be done so simply.

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