Sen. Cruz: Within minutes of Newtown tragedy, Obama tried to ‘exploit it!/chrisdonovannbc/status/292997392238784512

Sen Cruz says Pres. Obama tried to “exploit” Newtown shooting to”push a gun control agenda that’s designed to appeal to partisans” #MTP

— Meet The Press (@meetthepress) January 20, 2013

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) appeared on “Meet the Press” this morning.

Hope you’ll tune in to @meetthepress tomorrow AM for a discussion on 2nd Amendment & national debt:

— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) January 19, 2013

During his appearance, he pointed out that President Obama immediately politicized the tragedy in Newtown. Twitter libs were not pleased; Truth is icky.

@laurababcock I can’t watch this … Ted Cruz is all about his own limited talking points. Refuses to answer questions.

— Matthew Cauz (@mcauz56) January 20, 2013

Shame on you Cruz “@chrisdonovannbc: On #MTP Ted Cruz says “within minutes” of the #SandyHook tragedy President Obama tried to “exploit” it”

— Stirrups Now! (@uniformcritic) January 20, 2013

Cruz insults the dead & the grieving. MT @chrisdonovannbc: Ted Cruz: “w/in minutes” of #SandyHook tragedy Pres Obama tried to “exploit” #MTP

— Nioshii (@Nartist) January 20, 2013

No, sweetie. The man doing the exploiting is insulting the dead and the grieving.

@chrisdonovannbc @davidgregory Ted Cruz is one sick puppy.

— Elizabeth S (@elizabrat19) January 20, 2013

Huh. Pointing out the shameful exploitation of a tragedy (never let one go to waste, right, Rahm?) is the real disgrace, according to those drinking the Obama Kool-Aid. Also, Cruz is just a “puppet,” natch.

@chrisdonovannbc @davidgregory Cruz has no control, he’s a puppet controlled by his repugnant masters.

— kayottick (@kayottick) January 20, 2013

But, to the sane, President Obama’s exploitation and politicizing of a tragedy, in conjunction with his gross display of using children as props, is horrifying. They applaud Senator Cruz for having the guts, unlike President Obama as Senator Rubio pointed out recently, to speak truthfully.

IT’S TRUE RT @meetthepress: MT @chrisdonovannbc: On #MTP Ted Cruz says within mins of #SandyHook tragedy President Obama tried to exploit it

— Marooned in Marin (@MaroonedInMarin) January 20, 2013

Senator Cruz tweeted similar thoughts a few days ago.

Sad to see POTUS trying to exploit a tragedy to push anti-gun agenda. I’ll help lead fight to defend 2nd Amendment:…

— Senator Ted Cruz (@SenTedCruz) January 16, 2013

Bingo. And, again, sane Twitter users agreed. They, as we have here at Twitchy, have been pointing out President Obama’s appalling use of children.

Sandy Hook: Obama’s Latest Crisis To Exploit…

— Rschrim (@Rschrim) January 18, 2013

“progressives”:don’t exploit Obama’s kids!! (as he high fives kids at a rally to promote his agenda after a massacre.)

— John O’Grady (@jhog667) January 19, 2013

Obama loves children so much that he will never pass up an opportunity to exploit them.

— Melody(@prfekrdumbrella) January 18, 2013

Obama has never met a crisis he would not exploit or an opportunity to altruistically manipulte his agenda by using children to promote it

— Melody(@prfekrdumbrella) January 18, 2013

I wonder if Obama has binders full of children to trot out and exploit when he wants to sign a law “for the children”?

— Patriot (@tnlawgirl) January 18, 2013

Obama again planning to exploit children to push his gun control agenda. Plans to use them as props as he introduces latest proposals.

— MILTON WANKE (@milton__4148) January 19, 2013

And that he did. To the libs clutching their pearls over Senator Cruz’s statement: Try facing the truth. We’ll help, since we are givers. You can start here:

Sadly, don’t look for this disgusting exploitation to end.

From Jennifer Bush to Marcelas Owens & more, a brief history of Dem kiddie shield abuse==>…

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) January 16, 2013

It’s standard operating procedure for the Left. As always, the end justifies the means. Even if the means is exploiting children and politicizing on the backs of the dead.

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