She Might Look Normal, But She’s Actually One Of The First Pit Bull Police Dogs

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Police dogs or K9s are specially trained animals that work alongside officers to help make the world a safer place.

They are most commonly used to search for explosives, narcotics, and missing persons. While the majority of K9s are German shepherds, it is not uncommon to see others breeds of dogs holding their own in their local police department.

One dog you don’t typically see on the force, though, is a pit bull. These pups often get a bad rap and are thought to be too overbearing and aggressive to work with police. That couldn’t be further from the truth, and a pittie in Poughkeepsie, New York, is breaking down all preconceived notions about her breed.

Meet K9 Kiah, New York’s very first pit bull police dog.

Kiah is a graduate of the Universal K9 training program, which rescues stray dogs, trains them for police duty, and then donates them to law enforcement agencies across the country. The program works in conjunction with the Animal Farm Foundation.

The sweet pup is currently helping the Poughkeepsie Police Department locate narcotics and missing persons.

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When she’s not hard at work, Kiah and her handler, Officer Justin Bruzgul, travel around to local schools to educate children on the importance of animal shelters and rescues.

Kiah’s hard work and dedication to her job and community have earned her the ASPCA Public Service Award.

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This amazing K9 is paving the way for more pit bulls to be added to police forces all across the U.S.

For information about the Animal Farm Foundation and the important work they do to help pit bulls, click here.

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