Should you upgrade from iPad 2 to the new one?!/USATODAY/status/178468361548730368

USA Today considers the question:

Ultimately, if you’re eyeing an upgrade, there are really just a couple of killer features to consider. The newest iPad didn’t go back to the drawing board by any means, but it did toss a trio of important features into the mix. If the Retina display alone moved you enough to upgrade, we certainly couldn’t blame you — especially if e-reading and gaming take up a lot of your tablet time. And if you’re a genuine speed freak when it comes to zipping along on mobile data networks, 4G is going to be too sweet to pass up.

Beyond that, the new iPad’s considerably less laughable camera coupled with the new iPhoto app will likely entice mobile photogs to take a long, hard, HD look at Apple’s latest offering. But if none of the tablet types strike a chord with you, the iPad 2 might still be up to snuff — and with its recent price drop, it’s a strong contender for the best tablet priced anywhere near $399.

Go there for an expanded discussion of the features.

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