Snow joke: Boston threatens drivers with year in jail!/kerpen/status/299942885317562368

Boston isn’t playing around in the snow. With Nemo promising to dump feet of the white stuff on the city, Boston has banned non-emergency traffic from the city’s streets as of 4 p.m. and threatened a year in jail for those caught behind the wheel.

#Snowpocalyse First Boston travel ban since 1978. $500 fine & potential jail time if you’re on the roads after 4pm.…

— ThEditor (@ThEditor) February 8, 2013

Security guard just told us there is a $500 fine if you are found driving on the roads after 4 pm in #boston #BlizzardUpdate

— Ginger Zee (@Ginger_Zee) February 8, 2013

#Boston is not playing get those cars off streets by 4:00 to avoid jail time get to a safe warm place safety first wishing yall the best

— 2 no me is 2 love me (@luvwithout_fear) February 8, 2013

Did I just hear that you risk going to jail for a year if caught on #Boston streets after 4 pm? #SnowPreps

— Chris Hayes (@ChrisHayesTV) February 8, 2013

Boston Mayor wants to fine people $500 if they’re on the road now because of the blizzard. WTF is up with that? Government is whack!

— Tommy Andrews (@Cromag77) February 9, 2013

Boston is in lockdown. You get a 500 dollar fine if you are caught driving !! Haha woow that’s crazy

— BPS™ (@whiiteboyTO) February 8, 2013

1 year of jail if on the roads in Boston. Damn, almost as serious as being charged for insubordination for having your phone out at FHS #LJ

— Manas Deolankar (@msdeolankar) February 8, 2013

Did Boston governor just say anyone caught driving after 4pm will be arrested and spend yr in jail? Does 2nd amendment cover right to drive?

— Orny Adams (@Ornyadams) February 8, 2013

For everyone on the northeast. Governor of Boston said, ” it’s jail time, if you’re out past 4 o’clock. STAY IN!!

— MichaelFloyd (@MichaelMFloyd) February 9, 2013

How can Boston throw people in jail for driving in the snow makes no sense? #stupidlaw what happnd to free will?

— jon werner (@jwern88) February 9, 2013

Boston’s taking the snow seriously, and citizens seem to be taking the fine seriously. Most of them, anyway.

Why is Boston threatening a year of jail time for driving after 4:00 pm today?I’m still gonna take a sweet ride at 4:20.#SnowYrRoll

— supriya g. DCIII (@supriyag603) February 8, 2013

If you still don’t think #Snowpocalypse is that big of a deal in Beantown, check this out: even Starbucks is closed.

Boston is serious about this #blizzard. Starbucks in Boston commons closed! #needcaffeeinandwater…

— Ginger Zee (@Ginger_Zee) February 8, 2013

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