Snowden fans fear ‘smear campaign’ against asylum-granting Venezuala!/LoyaltyIsFirst/status/353339664310079488

After approaching more than 20 countries, NSA leaker Edward Snowden has at last found a nation willing to grant him political asylum. The presidents of Venezuela and Nicaragua today announced that Snowden would be welcomed in their countries. Many couldn’t help but notice that Snowden, a critic of U.S. government surveillance, was apparently headed from Russia to a nation that only recently cracked down on Internet speech that “challenges legally established authorities” and “promotes unrest in the population.”

Nicaragua and Venezuela might have their own human rights challenges, but Snowden’s contact at the Guardian, Glenn Greenwald, was quick to point out that the United States isn’t perfect either. Did you know that President Obama called King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia in 2010?!/ggreenwald/status/353330487424581633

Others, including left-of-Left actor John Cusack, are anticipating the United States government to ramp up its “smear campaign” of Venezuela and Nicaragua to make hero Snowden appear as a sell-out willing to compromise his principles.!/johncusack/status/353326016887914496!/evagolinger/status/353326248237342721!/gr8tale/status/353348726330368001!/nikhilgoya_l/status/353293733934018560

But …!/nikhilgoya_l/status/353298718226784256!/TeenProgressive/status/353337524430704641!/CajunTechie/status/353353955650191360

Only time will tell how Snowden adjusts to his new life in Central America and the freedoms it affords.!/bobbymacReports/status/353328805701623809

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