Some People Would Do ANYTHING To Own This Room. You Know Who You Are.

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One user online found a man cave that would be any gamer’s dream come true. Someone built a customized room dedicated to every Nintendo system or video game created in the past two decades. It’s truly a beautiful thing… Those memories are priceless, but they could make a killing on ebay.

In one room, years of Nintendo video game history is preserved.

From original Nintendo games to the most recent Wii games, this room is filled to the brim.

It’s hard to believe that over the years, so many games were created.

It’s… beautiful.

It would be so hard not to get lost in this amazing room.


I know so many people who would willingly lock themselves in this room for the rest of their lives. This place is AWESOME. Source: Share this gamer’s paradise with others, inspire more people to do awesome things like this.

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