Stacey Dash would like a new president for her birthday!/REALStaceyDash/status/265263654616829953

A torrent of abuse and racial slurs on Twitter hasn’t swayed actress Stacey Dash from her enthusiasm for the Romney/Ryan ticket. The hate started when Dash endorsed Mitt Romney in a tweet and has continued, essentially, any time she tweets anything at this point. You’d think the trolls would have given up by now, but Dash’s birthday wish was enough to draw them out from their bridges for another round of their war on woman.

@realstaceydash @mittromney shut the hell up

— DJRansomDollars #D4L (@DJRansomDollars) November 5, 2012

@realstaceydash @mittromney OMG Honey your #twitter has been #HACKED

— Michael Anthony (@Manthony783) November 5, 2012

@djransomdollars @realstaceydash @mittromney Stacey will you be blowing Mitt?

— MittwearAnnsPanties (@wealthylady2057) November 5, 2012

@realstaceydash why you such a bitch?

— Alex Hitchings (@Flyestoncampus) November 5, 2012

I know @realstaceydash gonna go in the voting booth tomorrow and vote for President Obama, hoe just wanted attention

— Juliet’s Husband (@FliCityRome) November 5, 2012

I really don’t like @realstaceydash anymore she is the true definition of a Uncle Tom

— Cole Christian (@cole42493) November 5, 2012

Bitch u aint Black! Old sexy azz lol RT @realstaceydash: America Deserves Better

—A.C(@Al_Pacino314) November 5, 2012

Just cause this hoe @realstaceydash got some pretty eyes, this bitch forgot she was a nigga like everyone else. Smh

— Griselda Blanco (@letgoandbreathe) November 5, 2012

And wouldn’t it be great 4 president Obama to stick his dick in both of yall mouth after he wins again tomorrow @realstaceydash @mittromney

— YouToldHarpo2BeatMe (@BeauGeTeaux) November 5, 2012

This bitch just fuckin stupid @realstaceydash open up those hazel eyes bitch n pay attention @mittromney is a dick n will take us all down!!

— MzSourPower (@She_BluntBlowin) November 5, 2012

Traitor. RT @realstaceydash: What a wonderful present it will be to have you Inaugurated as President on my birthday 1/20/2013! @mittromney

— Handsome Richie (@xSteez) November 5, 2012

Clearly @realstaceydash is smoking crack..I suggest if ur black u unfollow her immediately and kill what’s left of her “career”

— FirstbornLegend (@JakeJr_80) November 5, 2012

@tracielynne65 @wealthylady2057 @djransomdollars @realstaceydash @mittromneystill a few black women willing to do Massa’s bidding

— MittwearAnnsPanties (@wealthylady2057) November 5, 2012

[email protected]realstaceydash did romney give you some good dick? Is that why you’re voting for him?

— Zeus ♃ // ♍♎ (@Kyurom) November 5, 2012

@realstaceydash wow u really backing romney.well the house niggas never did want there freedom..knw it was something behind those green eyes

— VIDA (@HELPUGETYOLIFE) November 5, 2012

Dash has amassed a lot of supporters on Twitter as well for her independent thinking, and followers are encouraged to pitch in for her birthday present tomorrow.

@realstaceydash ~ I will be contributing with America to get your birthday gift tomorrow #Romney2012

— Michelle Dillard (@MichDillard) November 5, 2012

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