‘Still Creepy. Maybe creepier’: Bill Clinton ‘campaigning for women’

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Bill Clinton can’t say or do anything without it seeming creepy.

.@BillClinton: "I’m really quite comfortable being here campaigning for women and taking orders. Just like being at home!" #NHJJ14

— Ruby Cramer (@rubycramer) October 17, 2014


@rubycramer @billclinton "eh? Am I right guys, or am I right?"

— Harlow (@stevenharlow85) October 17, 2014

Shaheen on Clinton: Some "may simply think of him as a man who has married very, very well." Huge applause #nhpolitics

— Kathleen Ronayne (@kronayne) October 17, 2014

Yeah. Women who will endure public humiliation and serial adultery in exchange for riding political coattails must be pretty hard to come by.

Translated Shaheen on Bill Clinton. "Married someone who stayed married to a predator of women for political gain." https://t.co/BEFgJBbT7M

— Kathleen McKinley (@KatMcKinley) October 17, 2014

.@GSF2014 @billclinton I've thought quite a bit about how Democrats revere a man who settled a civil lawsuit over RAPE #NHJJ14 #NHpolitics

— Kimberly Morin (@Conservativeind) October 17, 2014

Bill Clinton is all the evidence one needs to conclude that Democrats’ obsession with so called “rape culture” is mostly political.

Bill Clinton: "I feel like an old race horse in the stable &people just take me out and …slap me on the rear to see if i can run around"

— Maggie Haberman (@maggiepolitico) October 17, 2014

Really creepy. Seriously, ew.

Wagging finger. #ClintonClassic https://t.co/EPsFTX3Lcn

— Mark Halperin (@MarkHalperin) October 17, 2014

@MarkHalperin Dude, you have a major man crush going on.

— Jon Babad (@jonbabad) October 17, 2014

Right? Clinton even makes other people creepy.

@MarkHalperin He needs to retire the finger wave. Still creepy. Maybe creepier.

— Karen Palmer (@krnpalmer) October 17, 2014

Via @BostonGlobe: @BillClinton gives @MarthaCoakley a jump in Worcester http://t.co/r43wOxvV5Y #magov #mapoli pic.twitter.com/9bj0p68HrC

— Norsu (@Norsu2) October 17, 2014

Ew. Stop.

@Norsu2 @BostonGlobe @billclinton @marthacoakley Let's just leave that one hanging out there for a minute.

— Jim Thompson (@shaketiller) October 17, 2014

Seriously. Stop it.


— Garrett Meyer (@UnseenMessiah) October 17, 2014

Dude. Grab some hand sanitizer. You don’t know where that hand has been.

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