‘Subaru for the win!’ Dealer hits back at union protest with kick-ass sign [pics]



Subaru of Wichita isn’t letting a deceptive union protest go unanswered. Here’s a photo of the banner put up by protesters representing Carpenters Local 201 (via Subaru of Wichita’s Facebook page):

“We fully support every American’s freedom to exercise their First Amendment Rights, but when we disagree, we’re going to exercise ours (and have fun at the same time),” the car dealership posted on Facebook. “Stop by and see for yourself!”



Subaru of Wichita posted this union flyer on its website. Note the rat chowing down on the American flag.


“Desecration of the American Way of Life”?

According to Subaru of Wichita, there is no “labor dispute” and the company poured “$1.5 million into the local economy by selecting a local construction company, architecture firm, and bank” for renovations. Here’s its response flyer:



More from an interview with a Subaru rep posted at Kansas.com:

“We’ve actually given them lunch. We’ve invited them to visit our facilities.”

Wirtz says he’s convinced the people with the sign are simply hired by the union to stand there.

“It doesn’t really look like they want to be here anymore than we want them to be here, to be quite frank.”

Here’s video of someone from Subaru offering the “Shame On” protesters food and inviting them to use the dealership’s restrooms.

The union reportedly refuses to comment to the media. Subaru of Wichita posted this YouTube video titled “The Truth Behind the “Shame On” Campaign.”


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