These Incredible Sculptures Prove That Our Imagination Is Truly Endless. My Brain Feels Fuzzy.

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Statues and sculptures can be seen in almost any city. They can tell you a lot about the place and the people from the area, and the best part is that  you don’t even need to speak their local language to get it. These sculptures take the already impressive art form to another level entirely. Check them out!

1.) The Shark (Oxford, UK)

2.) The Unknown Official (Reykjavik, Iceland)

3.) Rundle Mall Pigs (Adelaide, Australia)

4.) Kelpies (Grangemouth, UK)

5.) Man Hanging Out (Prague, Czech Republic)

6.) A Scene From The World War With Real-Size Statues, (Eceabat, Turkey)

7.) Mihai Eminescu (Onesti, Romania)

8.) Man At Work (Bratislava, Slovakia)

9.) Iguana Park (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

10.) Sinking Building Outside State Library (Melbourne, Australia)

11.) Hippo Sculptures (Taipei, Taiwan)

12.) Spider (London, UK)

13.) Cattle Drive (Dallas, Texas, USA)

14.) Les Voyageurs (Marseilles, France)

15.) Black Ghost (Klaipeda, Lithuania)

16.) The Knotted Gun (New York, New York, USA)

17.) The Shoes On The Danube Bank (Budapest, Hungary)

18.) People Of The River (Singapore)

19.) Transcendence (Portland, Oregon, USA)

20.) The Monument Of An Anonymous Passerby (Wroclaw, Poland)

21.) Expansion (New York, New York, USA)

22.) Mustangs (Las Colinas, Texas, USA)

23.) Bench Outside Bukcheon Museum (Seoul, South Korea)

24.) Space Cow (Stockholm, Sweden)

25.) Metalmorphosis (Charlotte, North Carolina)

(H/T boredpanda) I sure hope travelers appreciate these works of art, rather than think their jet lag is making them see things. Share these incredibly creative statues and sculptures using the button below.

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