These Katydids Are Harder To Find Than A Job After College.

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Katydids (otherwise known as Tettigoniidae), are insects that are similar to a cricket or a weta. These oversized crickets are good at making noise. They’re also really, really good at hiding themselves from predators. They can make like a tree and leaf. (But seriously, they can look just like leaves.) Can you find the katydids in the pictures below? Give it a try. If you can find all seven, you’ll win the opportunity to call yourself a “finding katydids in pictures expert” at the next party you attend. Start mentally preparing yourself now for all of the attention and free drinks you’ll get.

1. Figured I’d start you off with an easy one.







(via Daily Mail) How did you katydo? It’s amazing what these little bugs can do to hide themselves. Sometimes, it seems like magic. Share this post using the button below.

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