These Photographs Are Extremely Disturbing. Where They Came From? Even More So.

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In the 1960’s, American photographer Arthur Tress’ interest shifted from documenting things as they were to creating more surreal images. To do this, he enlisted the help of children, who would tell Tress about their worst nightmares. From listening to the kids’ bad dreams, he would get all of these truly bizarre and terrifying characters, themes, and symbols–the perfect fodder for the dark, disturbing pictures he was looking to take. Combining real life with the bone-chilling creations only a child’s mind could come up with, Tress’ photography will likely get your skin crawling in a way no other has before. Take a look!

1.) Little Girl with the Head of an Old Man

2.) Lady Who’s Also a Decrepit Chair

3.) Boy Attacked by Toy Horse

4.) ???

5.) Bearded Man Ironing Grandma’s Hand

6.) Creepy Big-Shirted Duo

7.) Giant Dunce Cap

8.) One-Man Wedding

9.) Boy with Potatoes for Hands

10.) Grandpa with His Cardboard Army

10.) Woman’s Head Washing Away

11.) A Really Bad Trampoline

12.) Little Boy Stranded

13.) Ghastly Goalie

14.) A Day in the Park with Darkness

(H/T My Modern Met) Where do kids come up with these things? Potatoes for hands? That’s ridiculous! You’d have to eat like a million of them for that to happen. Share these spooky photographs using the button below.

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