These Scary Photos Will Help You Discover The Fun New Phobias You Now Have

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There are many phobias out there, some you may even be surprised to know is a phobia.  When you think about it though, anything can be a phobia if you are super-unreasonably afraid of it. Here are a few phobias we found out we have just from looking at crap on the internet all day.

Pumaphobia: Fear that a puma will break into your house and then break your house.

Spidershoephobia: Fear that a spider has made your shoe his home and feasts on your feet flesh.

Spooky-wolfphobia: Fear that Death has taken the form of a dark wolf and stalks your every move.

Rebarphobia: Fear that a huge steel thing of rebar is narrowly about to fly right at your head at all times.

Nostalgiaphbia: Fear that a once beloved childhood friend still desperately pines for your attention and knows where you live.

Purple-goophobia: Fear that Ivan Ooze from the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers movie has flooded the streets with evil goo in the evilest shade of purple.

Cat-in-snake-phobia: Similar to ophidiophobia, which is fear of snakes, except this is where you’re afraid your cat is constantly in danger of being swallowed whole by a boa.

Deteriorating-grandparentphobia: Fear that your favorite peepaw is slowly decomposing into the earth without him knowing it.

This one isn’t so much a phobia. You might actually have something wrong with you if you don’t find whatever this is deeply and completely disturbing.


Well now I have a lot to think about and work through with my therapist.  If you wanna freak out your friends, give this a share on Facebook!

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