This Dog Was Tied To A Train Track. That Boy Has An Unfathomable Condition. Now Watch This.

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A 7 year-old boy named Owen Howkins was born with a condition that makes him unique. Owen has Schwartz-Jampel syndrome, a disease that leaves his muscles constantly tense. Because of his condition he was afraid to interact with others. Haatchi was a lonely dog that faced death and abandonment. Together, though they make a pair that puts smiles on the faces of everyone they see.

Owen was very shy of strangers.

His condition made his muscles permanently tense. He was nervous and he didn’t like to talk to people.

He was constantly in pain.

But then, something miraculous happened. He met Haatchi and everything changed.

When Haatchi was a puppy, he was found tied to railroad tracks. One of his legs was terribly mangled, so it had to be amputated.

The RSPCA tried to find him a home, but they didn’t have any luck. Then Haatchi met Owen.

In that moment, something incredible happened. The two unique souls bonded, they were instant friends.

Now, Haatchi is so happy, his little stump of a tail won’t stop wagging.

And Owen is changed, too. He is so much happier and he has a constant companion.

Now, he can even talk to people. He isn’t afraid any more.

Their bond is so amazing, they won first place in the Friends for Life category at Crufts Dog Show.

Students at the University of Hertfordshire made a short film about the incredible bond between Owen and Haatchi. People loved their story so much, it has been made into a book, available on Amazon. Click below to watch the film:


Source: Facebook via BuzzFeed These two were simply meant to be together. Share their touching story with the world by clicking below.

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