This Guy’s Brilliant Ads Will Have You Doing A Double… Er… Triple Take. They’re Fantastic.


The goal of advertising is for you to buy something. That’s it. Simple right? WRONG. It’s a dog eat dog world, and while we’re bombarded everyday with countless “generic” ads, all buying for our attention, they end up all coming across as white noise. That’s why it’s the most creative ads we see that draw our attention, and maybe even open our wallets. So when Bangkok based Supparat Thepparat created these eye-popping advertisements for some truly out of the box products, we couldn’t help but look not once, not twice… but three times to figure them out. And when we did… awesome!

(H/T: Lost At E Minor) Supparat truly has an amazing imagination and vision for his products, grabbing our corneas and making us forget we’re even looking at an advertisement! Seriously, did you even realize that you just saw a bunch of “commercials” for some of the most boring products on the planet? 😉 If you thought these were as cool as me, share with your friends below.

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