This Has Got To Be One Of The Worst Ways To Die — Poor Spider

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Making mistakes is a part of life for people and animals alike, but some flubs have much deadlier consequences than others.

Take the fishing spider, for example. Instead of catching prey in a web, it usually sits right at the edge of a body of water, then attacks when it detects ripples from movement. While it is mostly seen as a predator, it can become the victim of an attack if it picks the wrong spot, like this unfortunate creature.

When this spider walked onto the top of a Washington beekeeper’s hive to presumably stalk its prey, it likely realized that making a sudden movement was the worst thing it could have possibly done.

What a horrible way to die.

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When it comes to protecting their queen, bees don’t mess around. Sorry, spider, but you were really asking for it by invading their colony.

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