This Is The Closest You’ll Get To Some Of The Most Amazing Creatures On The Planet.

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Photographer Yusuke Sakai sometimes likes to get up close and personal with his subjects. In this case, those subjects were some of the most majestic, and exotic animals on the planet. Not only did he get close to them, he did something a little unorthodox while he was there.

For his ongoing photo series entitled Skin, Sakai just focused in on just a small section of the animal’s skin, fur, or feathers. Doing this he managed to capture the texture and feel of the animal while almost completely removing them from the photo. It’s a bit surreal actually. Just take a look. 

1.) Goat.

2.) Asiatic black bear.

3.) Japanese deer.

4.) Zebra.

5.) Goat.

6.) African elephant.

7.) Hippopotamus.

8.) Chinese pony.

9.) White bear.

10.) African flamingo.

11.) King penguin.

12.) White rhinoceros.

13.) Bactrian camel.

14.) Ruddy shelduck.

15.) Emu.

16.) Reticulated giraffe.

Of course not all of Sakai’s work is photographing animals up close. Check out some of his other stuff, it’s equally amazing.

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Breathtaking. Some of these subjects are almost more interesting as you get closer… 

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