This Just In: Anything Can Happen On Live News.

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Live TV is a blank slate of opportunity. There are some people out there who make sure that opportunity doesn’t go to waste.

Honestly, watching the evening news can be pretty depressing or boring, so the injection of something exciting can be welcome. When you add unusual crew members or scene stealers popping up in the background, it’s a delightful reminder that everything isn’t always so bleak. Take a look!

1. This guy who was little parched.

2. This sneaky kid.

3. This guy who takes the news very seriously.

4. This nosy pig.

5. This repeat offender.

6. This bird who may or may not be the victim of radiation poisoning.

7. Is that Ryan Seacrest??

8. This curious camera.

9. This oh-so-original bystander.

10. This cutie who’s just so happy about his TV debut he can’t stop smiling.

11. This kid is just another brick in the wall.

12. This little girl with some sweet moves.

13. This rockstar who can’t be stopped by silly weather.

14. This interesting Baltimore native.

15. This guy who probably started looking for a new job shortly after this…

16. This guy who wasn’t ready for his 15 minutes of fame.

17. This guy who thought wearing all black would make him invisible.

18. This passionate football fan.

19. This gentle caress from a trolly kid.

20. Her Royal Highness.

(via BuzzFeed.)

I might actually tune into the news tonight! Maybe I’ll catch a prankster in action.

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