This Poor Dog Was Eating Sticks And Stones Before It Was Rescued.

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When Alex, a severely neglected Weimaraner, was found on the streets of New Orleans, things were not looking good for him. He was starving, in bad health, and his only refuge from the city sidewalks was an overcrowded animal shelter. It seemed as if Alex would never get the chance to recover.

Before he was put down due to the lack of space in a shelter, the Southern Animal Foundation (a no-kill rescue organization) stepped in and brought him to safety. They would soon find that this wasn’t by any means a normal dog rescue operation. Take a look at Alex’s journey.  

Alex The Dog.

He was so emaciated, it’s a miracle he was alive.

When the Southern Animal Foundation took Alex in, they were quick to learn that he had been so hungry that he had no choice but to eat twigs and rocks. Not only did these not provide the dog any nutrition, they would have to be surgically removed.


Deanna Theis, one of the people who played a pivotal role in rehabilitating Alex.


The surgery was a success, and Alex is looking better than ever.

(via Daily Mail)

For more on Alex’s road to recovery and other incredible rescue stories, check out the Southern Animal Foundation’s Facebook Page. You’ll be happy to find a nice little message from Alex himself on the page, too.

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